Uppdrag Granskning, an investigative TV program, has gone through all convicted of rape and attempted rape over the last five years. The perpetrators have often been affected by alcohol or drugs. The education level is low, at least one third has also been convicted of other crimes. And 58 percent are born abroad.

It’s about 843 men. Uppdrag Granskning has identified who they are, the men who have been convicted in the district court of rape and attempted rape over the past five years.

In one case from 2015, a woman was raped by one man from Algeria and another from Syria. A third perpetrator wasn’t caught and is still out there somewhere.

The Algerian citizen was sentenced to 2,5 years in prison, convicted of rape. The Syrian citizen was sentenced to 5 years in prison, convicted of gross rape.

Both perpetrators will also be deported.

This is just one case of many who have made discussions about the perpetrators’ origins and what role they play when they come from countries where there is a different view of women’s freedom and sexuality.

Several studies have been conducted over the years, showing that foreigners are overrepresented in rape statistics, but there is still lack of research on the causes.

According to Uppdrag Gransknings research, it’s shown that:

• 58% of those convicted of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad.

• If you only look at attempted and completed assault rapes – where the victim and the perpetrator do not know each other – the figure is even higher. More than 8 out of 10 convicted offenders were born in another country. 40% of these have been in Sweden for a year or less.

• The research also shows that over half of the convicted offenders were born outside of Europe – 427 out of 843. Nearly 40% were born in the Middle East or Africa. In the case of assault rape, 97 out of 129 are born outside of Europe.

One group that stands out among those convicted are young men from Afghanistan, 45 of the convicted perpetrators. It’s a very small proportion of all who are here, but among those convicted, Afghanistan is the single most common citizenship except Sweden.