Two politicians from the opposition party Moderaterna, were invited to a meeting with Ali Khalil, from the Green Party. It took place in a mosque in Alby. The two politicians were not aware of the reason of the meeting, other than it’d be a normal visit.

But the meeting soon took an unexpected turn.

The two politicians got an offer from Ali. It was about getting thousands of votes for the Moderates. Enough votes that could mean a change of power in the long-term red-green municipality.

“They said that the congregation is about 4,500, and they should get about 3,000 votes,” says Stina Lundgren (M).

Ali Khalil (Green Party)

But it wasn’t for free. Stina Lundgren and her collegue was told their party would get the votes if they made sure the congregation was granted building permit for a new mosque.

The Imams and Assembly leaders explained, according to Stina Lundgren, that during the Friday prayer they would encourage people to vote for the Moderates. Something that could change the playing field for the forthcoming municipal elections in one of Sweden’s largest suburban municipalities.

The Moderates turned down the offer and Ali Khalil has been kicked out from the Green Party.