The ex-boyfriend is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Wilma Andersson, 17. This was announced by Uddevalla District Court today.

– It has been a matter of severe violence and a not entirely short-term course of events and that there are no mitigating circumstances, it is stated in the judgment.

The man, who is 23, is convicted of murder and breach of the peace of the grave. Uddevalla District Court states in the judgment that “… it is beyond reasonable doubt that the man in Uddevalla in November 2019 by repeated violence intentionally deprived his girlfriend of her life”.

It was in November 2019 that 17-year-old Wilma disappeared from her home in Uddevalla. Early in the investigation, her ex-boyfriend was suspected of being behind her disappearance, he was arrested shortly afterwards and has since been in custody on suspicion of murder. And today he was sentenced.

In the judgment, the district court also states that the ex-boyfriend must pay a total of 227,664 SEK in damages to Wilma’s parents and sister.

The rest of the body still missing

The fact that the murdered 17-year-old’s body has not been found has led to continued suffering for the victim’s relatives, the district court writes.
In the man’s apartment, Wilma’s head was found in a hidden bag by the police forensic team.

According to the preliminary investigation’s protocol from the crime scene investigation, Wilma was injured and possibly died in the living room as blood was found there. She must then have lied dead in the bedroom on her bed, where blood and stains of semen were found, and then moved to the bathroom where cuts were found in the plastic carpet from cutting tools.

District Attorney Jim Westerberg believes it is impossible that anyone other than the ex-boyfriend would have killed Wilma. According to the prosecutor, the murder was committed at 6 pm one day in November. Several neighbors have testified fights and screams from the apartment.

– Loud, heartbreaking screams of women, says Jim Westerberg in his closing speech in Uddevalla District Court.

– She has died of a serious, repeated blunt force, Westerberg also says about Wilma’s death.