Last autumn, a 25 year old woman. She had been drinking and was waiting for her friend when three men originating in Eritrea and Somalia approached the her and brought her to a nearby park where she was raped, photographed and robbed. Now the men are sentenced to prison, forensic psychiatric care and deportation for 15 years.

Playground where the woman was raped

The arrested men have only been in Sweden a few years. During police investigations, interpreting assistance in Arabic and Somali was required to communicate.

All three claim that the woman was the driving force, that she undressed herself and asked for intercourse. The police investigation shows that it was a chilly and rainy Friday night around midnight. The police have also found photographs that document the rape in one of the men’s mobile phones.


Perpetrators from left to right.

Perpetrator number one, 29-year-old Abdualrhman Omar, registered in Gnesta and citizens of Eritrea. He immigrated to Sweden on 1 July 2016 and does not appear in the criminal records before.

Perpetrator number two, 20-year-old Yaxye Abdikarim Haashi, registered in Tyresö and citizen of Somalia. He immigrated to Sweden on 27 January 2014 and has previously appeared in the criminal records for shoplifting.

Perpetrator number three, 19-year-old Abdikarim Ismael Hasan, registered in Spånga and citizen of Somalia. He immigrated to Sweden on September 24, 2015 and appears in the criminal records for assault and abuse against the police.

Two of the men were sentenced to prison while the third was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care. All three will be deported from Sweden and then banned from returning in 15 years. Furthermore, they must pay SEK 205,000 in damages to the woman.

Omar is sentenced to prison for five years and three months for aggravated rape.

Yaxye is also convicted of aggravated rape and grand theft to prison for 4 years 3 months.

Abdikarim is sentenced for unlawful threats, abusive and aggravated rape to forensic psychiatric care with special discharge review.