Sweden’s new Minister of Culture and Democracy as well as Minister of Sports, Amanda Lind, has started her new career by calling Mehmet Kaplan (among others) a pioneer, hero, who have fought every day to realize the Green Party‘s environment and climate, democracy, equality and justice policies.

Mehmet Kaplan

In 2015, Kaplan, then Minister of Housing, was seen attending a dinner party together with members of the far-right Turkish organization, Grey Wolves.

The statement has received criticism from both ministers and the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (SCAA):

“Remarkable when the new Minister of Democracy emphasizes Government Minister Mehmet Kaplan as a” hero “who” every day “fought for” democracy “. He was forced to resign mainly because of his association with anti-democratic organizations. “

Liberal MP Gulan Avci, who opposed cooperation with the Social Democrats and the Green Party, writes on Twitter:

“That the new Green Party-minister of culture praises Kaplan who has been associated with the Islamist ultra-nationalist fascist organization gray wolves, who murdered hundreds of Kurds and other dissidents throughout the years, makes me very upset as Swedish-Kurd!”

Amanda Lind
Photo: Screenshot from SVT.

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