Two unaccompanied minors has been reported to the police by Mariestad municipality for breaches of subsidies after living in a municipal housing for children.

The two unaccompanied minors have had their age adjusted up by two years.

You can compare this to a person who is looking for an emergency treatment at the hospital because the person believes they are is severely ill, but as the matter of fact just got a cold. And that the person has taken more resources from the healthcare than necessary.

Failure of default means that, with incorrect information, there is access to an “economical advantage”.

Benefits fraud means someone with false information gains access to a “economical advantage”. However, it is uncertain whether a municipal accomodation placement for children can be regarded as such in the opinion of the law.

Sweden makes medical age assessments of unaccompanied asylum seekers by examining their teeth and knee joints.  Only if a person is under the age of 18, they are regarded an adult.