A 30-year-old, Moyed al Zoebi, gets nearly $12,000 after been detained for almost four months, as suspect of terrorist offenses in Sweden. He was released by court after he couldn’t be senteced by the lack of evidence for an arson attack against a Shiite Muslim Islamic centre in Malmö, 2016.

The attack led to headlines around the world. The fire took place in October 2016. The same month, the terrorist group Daesh said they were responsible for the attack, through their propaganda agency Al-Naba.


In December, the 30-year-old asylum seeker from Syria was arrested. The prosecutor considered the man to be a member of Daesh and that he had performed the attack on behalf of the terrorist group.

The district court in Malmö set him free in April 30. He’d then been  detained for about four months. The court said it was clear that the man was an IS sympathizer, partly because he used an Daesh flag as a wallpaper on the computer. However, the court concluded that it was not found that he was behind the arson attack.

After the release, the man was to be deported by SÄPO (Säkerhetspolisen) because he was considered a security threat. Säpo failed to carry out the deportation and the man was released in May.

Through his lawyer, the 30-year-old claimed 150,000 kronor ($18 393) in compensation.

The Chancellor of Justice has now decided to give him almost $12,000 plus attorney fees for the time he’s been detained during the investigation.

The fire department in Malmö was noted, among other things, by US President Donald Trump in February. He said the incident was an example that the media did not tell us about the truth about various terrorist acts. By that time, the 30-year-old was not arrested for terrorist offenses, but as suspected of gross murder.

Name: Moyed Al Zoebi
DOB: 19870223-1716
Nationality: Syrian
Address: c/o Astoria Hotel, Gråbrödersgatan 7, 211 21 Malmö
Formerly Markarydsvägen 2 Lgh 1205, 280 22 Vittsjö.