Abderrahman Bouanane, 22, who attacked people with a knife  in Turku, did not specifically choose women as targets, according to the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

– The preliminary investigation has progressed efficiently. The police have a precise idea of the course of events before and during the attack, says Robin Lardot, director of NBI.

According to the police, Bouanane had the intention of continuing the attack until the police possibly killed him. Before the attack, he released a video manifest on an instant messaging service.

Bouanane tried to claim asylum as an unaccompanied minor (obviously lying about his real age) in Finland in spring of 2016. By the end of 2016, he was denied asylum.

– At the moment, the suspect, who had been watching IS propaganda, was trying to die a martyr. This is probably the reason why no organizations have taken responsibility for the attack because the suspect survived, said Lardot.

Bouanane was radicalized only after the tip of the police received about him in January, perhaps as late as a few weeks before the attack.

The investigation is expected to take months, partly because most of the material is in Arabic.

The initial remand hearing of the Moroccan terror suspect.Bouanane was shot by the police in the leg at the attack, and has now been transferred from the hospital where he was treated, to Starrbacka prison. He is suspected of two murders and eight attempt of murder for purpose of terrorism.

Two women were killed and another eight were injured in the attack on Salutorget in central Turku on August 18.