Around 6:48 pm, the police got a call about a big fight at a Gothia Cup-school in Partille, outside Gothenburg.

One suspect is arrested so far, for being involved in the fight.

According to the police, participants from the Gothia Cup was involved, and a team leader had been cut with a knife. Now the police are looking for more offenders.

Several callers phoned in to the police about the altercation. According to information, one person had hunted others at Vallhamra Square in Partille.

– People are both upset and afraid because they have seen people being chased with a knife, says Christer Fuxborg, spokesperson for the police.
– We are in place with a couple of units to find out what’s happening there.

When the police arrived at the scene, the injured person was found. A suspected offender had then ran away, but was found to be in the area. After a short effort, a suspect could be arrested. But the police suspect that there are more people involved.

The injured team leader for one of the participating teams in Gothia Cup, is currently being hospitalized and his condition is unknown at this moment.

– There is nothing to indicate that the perpetrator has anything to do with the Gothia Cup. On the other hand, it is a leader for a team that has been injured and taken to hospital, said Malin Jonson, Communications and Public Relations Officer for the Gothia Cup.

Several callers reported that the pleople fighting, were involved in the Gothia Cup, according to the police. But it is still unclear how many people had been involve in the fight.

The police are currently focusing on investigating the underlying causes of the incident.