While Sweden let criminal foreigners stay in the country, and terrorists to come back into the country, Sweden is now after four years ready to deport a 17-year-old girl from Ethiopia.

Lena Matthijs, is legal guardian of the 17 year old girl from Ethiopia, and has written a post on Facebook that’s been shared by thousands of people already.fjga7u0

“I did this to pay attention to other young people who are in the same situation,” says Lena Matthijs, Police Area Manager at Södra Älvsborg, about the post she did.

In the post on Facebook, Lena Matthijs, tells about the shame she feels about the Swedish asylum policy after the 17-year-old girl from Ethiopia, whom Lena Matthis herself is the guardian of, will be deported. The girl must be out of the country before the school term starts this fall.

“She has finished the first year of high school and speaks fluent Swedish. She asked me what would happen to her grades. What will happen with her studies?”, Lena Matthijs writes on Facebook, telling that her own feelings of shame is because she belongs to the same “state establishment” that’s decided to deport the girl to Ethiopia after four years in Sweden.

There’s nobody back in Ethiopia that will recieve and take care of her there. She’ll be on her own with the earnings she’s made this summer, working in Sweden.

“Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel”

We deport young people who have anchored to Swedish society, at the same time we accept returnees from the fighting in Syria who have no other plan than to destroy our security”, she goes on.

The police chief also points out that the deportation of serious criminals also is not executed.

“They may stay because their lives are at risk if they are returned. The lives of young people are also in jeopardy. Nobody can guarantee their safety after they’ve landed in Addis Ababa, Mogadishu or Kabul. Countries with a civil war, Islamist terrorist attacks and persecution of minorities”.

Matthijs states that the authorities and others have protected the youth for several years, and also that they’ve already cost Swedish society millions of kronor during the asylum process.

“No teenager should live in Sweden for four years and then be deported from the country.”