Massip Farid Ikken, 40, is suspected of being the man who attacked a police with a hammer in front of Notre Dame in Paris.

He has lived in Sweden, been married to a Swedish woman and worked for public service ‘Sveriges Radio‘.
“He has studied and worked as a journalist in Sweden”, confirmed Professor Arnaud Mercier who was the man’s supervisor.
According to AFP, Massip Farid Ikken has sworn allegiance to Daesh in a video clip.

Farid Ikken, terrorist.

According to French media, the terrorist is Farid Ikken, 40. Farid Ikken was born in Algeria. In 2004, he married a Swedish woman and moved to Sweden. But they divorced the following year. Farid Ikken moved around several times in the next few years. He lived mainly in different parts of Stockholm, but also in Uppsala.

In October 2013, he moved back to Algeria, according to the civil registry.
Farid Ikken had been studying for journalist in Stockholm between 2006 and 2008, writes the French news channel LCI. He has also studied journalism in Uppsala.

“The man worked as a freelance journalist for various newspapers and radio in Sweden between 2009 and 2010,” says Arnaud Mercier, Professor of Political Communication at the University “Paris 2 Assas”.
He has been active in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala.
“After that he will have taken a master at Uppsala University,” says Arnaud Mercier.
The 40-year-old has driven a freelance agency and worked for Sveriges Radioo. In 2009, he received a journalist award from the European Commission for an article on asylum seekers who were not entitled to medical care. In a press release, he said he was “pleased to note that such important topics as discrimination and diversity are noted.”

Article on Sveriges Radio (2010).

According to Daily Mail, he had no criminal record but he had previously expressed interest in jihad on the Internet. During a period when he lived in Algeria, he wrote, among other things, about terrorism for various news media, according to the newspaper.

He had sworn allegiance to IS in a video, according to reports from AFP news agency, referring to a source close to the investigation.