Shopping center Nordstan in Gothenburg, has after threats from youths, decided to close earlier this New Years Eve.

– We received indications that the youth gangs that normally reside in Nordstan during the afternoons and late evenings are planning to commit some unrest, as a revenge for security guards and police taking actions against them during the year, said Chief Superintendent Anders Börjesson, head of the city police.

The gangs have planned to fire of fireworks and firecrackers inside the shopping center.

When asked who these youths are, the police say;

– These are young people from the suburbs, street children and unaccompanied minors, those who usually reside in Nordstan.

For a long time the police have been more present in Nordstan than before.

– We apprehend and throw the youths out of Nordstan for different reasons. We are on to them and interfere with their drug sales. There have also been major concerns with thefts in stores.

According to the police, these actions against the youths is the reason of the planned revenge attack in the evening.

Policemen and extra security guards will be there during New Years Eve.

More fireworks attacks

This recent week has seen more attacks with fireworks around the west coast of Sweden.

Tonight, several buses in Gothenburg were attacked with fireworks by a gang of youths. This had lead to withdrawal of two bus stops.

The gang has tried to throw firecrackers through the doors and at the windows of the buses.