On Tuesday the 9th of August, at 22:48, ambulance was alerted to the travel center in Hässleholm, southern Sweden. On a footbridge over the train tracks, a man was found murdered.

The victim has been identified as a German national in his 50’s who had lived homeless in Sweden. Police are now working on making contact with the man’s relatives.
The murdered man had been seen around the area by the travel center during the summer and was well known by those who work there.25-hlm-resec1-600x400

He was described to be a calm and kind person, a man who had difficulty walking, and used crutches.

17-year-old Dilan Hadjihalil (born 1999-02-07) has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Before the murder of the homeless German, 17-year-old had an hour earlier threatened another person with a knife and then stolen his cell phone.
– Hässleholm isn’t very big and when two serious events take place the same evening, you put two and two together, says Robert Loeffel, spokesman for the police in the South region.
Dilan Hadjihalil is known to the police and has criminal records for crimes against knife legislation, minor drug offenses and for petty theft and attempted theft.

UPDATE 2017-06-15: Dilan Hadjihalil (990207-7354) was sentenced to 4 years in closed juvenile care for murder. The