On Monday, Adam Abdulahi, 28, and Ahmed Warsame, 25, were sentenced to life imprisonment after the high-profile shooting in a restaurant on Vårväderstorget in Gothenburg in March last year. Also the other six accused men were sentenced to prison terms.

The shooting, which killed two people and injured eight, is described as part of a conflict between criminal groups in a suburb to Gothenburg.

A total of five men is convicted of two murders and the attempted murder of 25 people in the attack that evening in March 2015. Masked men with automatic weapons rushed into the well-stocked restaurant where guests were watching Champions League football.

Photo: Swedish police

The prosecutor believes that the attack was directed against some people in a rival criminal network, where one of the victims had a leading role.

Two of them were firing automatic weapons inside the restaurant, while one kept guard, and two were in charge of getaway cars.

Two of the murderers are sentenced to life imprisonment.

Three, who were under age 21 when the crime took place, get 14 years in prison. One of these three, the now 21-year-old man, is also convicted for a murder in another neighborhood in Hisingen a month later.

Three men convicted of aiding and abetting the murder at the restaurant and get 7, 10 and 14 years in prison respectively.

The convicted must also pay a total of just over 5 000 000 SEK in damages to the murder victims’ families and the survivors at the restaurant. Even those who were not injured physically get damages paid.

In several of the sentences, serious gun crime and serious drug offenses are included.

All the accused denies having been involved.


  • ADAM Abdi Abdulahi, 19871228-2014 (Danish citizen) – Life in prison
  • AHMED Abdirahman Ahmednuur Warsame, 19910222-5258 – Life in prison
  • Onur Corap, 19950529-6856 – 14 years in prison
  • JOSEF Arvid Hällgren Abdulrahman, 19950715-7635 – 14 years in prison
  • Ihab Louz, 19940208-0577 – 14 years in prison
  • JONIS Faisal Adan, 19950113-5256 – 14 years in prison
  • Khalid Ahmed Ali Mohamed, 19950721-7215 – 10 years in prison
  • SAKERIYE Ali Ahmed, 19960924-3614 – 7 years in prison