The man who stood trial for the murder of a 22 year old woman employee of a HVB home in Mölndal, is convicted by Gothenburg District Court to forensic psychiatric care. The man, Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, alleged citizen of Ethiopia, is convicted of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated assault. He will also be expelled from Sweden after finishing treatment.

– My opinion is that the District Court has been very cautious in its assessment when it does not believe that there is enough support to convict of murder. I will consult with the prosecutor but my clients are disappointed and we will appeal, said attorney Hans Gaestadius, courtroom representative of the murdered woman’s relatives.

Most likely, in connection with the appeal, they’ll also challenge the Forensic Medicine report saying that the perpetrator suffers from a serious mental illness.

The woman, who was alone in service of the accommodation that fateful January morning, was attacked with a knife and was stabbed in the back and thighs. She died of exsanguination from a deep knife wound in the thigh.


According to the district court’s ruling, there are missing “details” in the investigation into the stabbing of the woman’s thighs. Along with the defendant’s mental disorder, the Court considers that it is not possible to establish that the man was aware that the woman would die due to the stab.

The defendants have during the trial said that he does not remember any of the knife attack. According to the report, he also felt mentally unwell during a period before the incident and attempted suicide.

The prosecuted’s age has been questioned. He has claimed that he will turn 16 years this year. According to the prosecutor, he is at least 18 years old. A perception that the court, after a series of skeletal and dental examinations, adhere to.

The man was also convicted of attempted aggravated assault against another unaccompanied minor at the home. He should be expelled for ten years from Sweden and pay about 300 000 SEK (€ 31 380) in compensation to the woman’s family.

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