Kurshed Karimov (born 1989-11-20), a 26-year-old from Tajikistan had become friends with his employer, but also felt that he offended his religious faith, Islam. He then killed the employer with a knife and is now being prosecuted for murder, but he admits only manslaughter.

The 26-year-old man lived at times with his employer in a place in Tanum in northern Bohuslän. According to the prosecutor, the two men developed a close relationship, almost as if they were father and son.

But the 26-year-old also felt that the employer, who was in his 50s, insulted his Muslim faith. In January, he killed the older man in his residence. The victim received injuries of about 60 stabs.

The prosecutor believes that 26-year-old’s motive for the attack was primarily religious.

– He had done searches on religious concepts, and after the killing act, he wrote religious texts on the wall in the deceased’s home, said the prosecutor.

According to the prosecutor, 26-year-old had broadly confirmed the motive during interrogation. But he also felt that he did not receive proper payment for his work, and furthermore was afraid of losing his job.

Kurshed Karimov is now sentenced to 18 years in prison for murder and deportation.

Kurshed Karimov. Photo: Swedish police

The man has admitted to killing her employer but maintains that he’d both been insulted and threatened and felt that the act should be considered manslaughter and not murder.

There’s no known connection between the prosecuted and any terrorist organisation. Although, Kurshed Karimov had searched for ‘jihad’ on Youtube multiple times.