The 5-month-old baby, was sent to from an asylum accomodation in Sunne to a hospital in Karlstad on June 19th. The baby had injuries which doctors believed may not have occurred naturally.

The baby lived with her mother at an asylum accommodation in Sunne. On Monday a 30- year-old woman was apprehended, suspected to have caused the baby the damage that later led to her death. The woman was later arrested, on probable suspicion of murder. The arrested woman is stated to be resident at the same asylum accommodation as the deceased child and her mother. The woman is said to have some relationship to the child, but police haven’t told what kind of relationship in question.

On Wednesday night arrested one more person suspected of involvement in the little girl’s death. A man in his 20s, resident of an asylum accommodation in Ludvika. The man was detained on Saturday. He is reasonably suspected of murder, which is the lower degree of suspicion. The woman previously imprisoned, are on probable suspicion of murder, ie the stronger degree of suspicion.

Both of them denies any charges.

Another man was arrested on Sunday evening at an asylum accommodation in Västmanland, suspected to have exposed his 15 month old child with aggravated assault. The child was taken to hospital and the father was arrested on Monday night.

Shortly before noon. 21 on Sunday evening, police were called to an asylum accommodation in Frövi, in the municipality of Lindesberg, just northeast of Orebro. There was a 26 year old asylum seeker man assaulted his child. The child is reported to be 15 months. There is no information about how the abuse occurred and the severity of injuries the child received. The assault should, however, be described as rough.

A woman has been found dead in an asylum accommodation in Jönköping. Circumstances and finds at the site means that the police suspect she has been murdered. One person has been taken in for questioning.
– We have launched a preliminary investigation of murder, says Mikael Ehne, county spokesman at Jönköping police.

The police received call at 13:30 on Sunday. When a patrol arrived, they found the woman, who is 25 years old, dead in a room of the accommodation.

Circumstances and finds on the site means that there is a suspicion that the woman has been killed, according to police.

– It is too early into the investigation for me to say anything about the discoveries we have made. Now we are questioning of people at accommodation that may have any information that can carry the investigation forward. We have also cordoned off the scene of the crime, says Mikael Ehne.

The place is cordoned off and a technical examination should be done.

One person has been taken in for questioning. But the police are secretive about what he is suspected of, the degree of suspicion and what kind of information the interrogations have provided.