A notorious jihadist landed at Malmö Airport on Monday and was taken into custody by the police. But when the man sought asylum, the Migration Board took over the case – and the deportation was stopped.

Inspector Leif Fransson, the border police in the South region, is critical to the fact that people who are listed on the so-called Schengen blacklist, and thus must be refused entry, can still enter the country as soon as they are seeking asylum.

– Sweden has gained a reputation as a secure gateway for terrorists. As soon as these people throw out his trump card and says “Asylum”, the pearly gates will open, says Leif Fransson.

When the police discovered that the 46-year-old man from Bosnia was included on the blacklist of dangerous people, he was taken into custody for quick deportation. The man was detained for entry at the request of France.

Since the 46-year-old sought asylum, the police were forced to hand over the case to the Migration Board.

– We no longer have any responsibility for him. It is the Migration Board’s full responsibility now, says Leif Fransson.

Among the security services of Europe, the 46-year-old is known as a veteran jihadist in the terror group IS and is considered to be very dangerous. But that did not stop him from seeking asylum in Sweden.

– It is an unconditional right to apply for asylum if one enters Swedish territory. We have an obligation to consider the issue of security, which we will do. At the same time it is a wealth of information related to this person who makes it a rather special case, says the Swedish Migration Board press officer Fredrik Bengtsson.

Now, the Swedish Migration Board must deal with man’s asylum application promptly. SÄPO’s opinions should also be recalled. Since the 46-year-old comes from Bosnia, he misses in practice the opportunity to get asylum in Sweden.

– Seeking asylum is always right to do, but it is not tantamount to obtain a residence permit, says Bengtsson.