It was in an interview on TV after Mehmet Kaplan’s resignation that Åsa Romson (MP), deputy prime minister, called 9/11 as “accidents”.

Later on Tuesday, however, Åsa Romson explained what she really meant by “accident” was the fierce debate about the integration that followed September 11.

This is far from Romson’s first time she makes a fool of herself.

1. Employed drug smuggler
When Åsa Romson would hand-pick officials to the Cabinet Office, she had not really looked into people’s backgrounds. One of the officers had been convicted of drug offenses in 2012, when he tried to smuggle drugs mushrooms called “Philosopher’s Stone” into Sweden.

2. Boat catastrophe equated with extermination camps
During a party leader debate on TV, when discussing the disasters in the Mediterranean, where thousands of refugees have drowned, Åsa Romson compared the Mediterranean Sea with the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, where over a million people systematically were murdered. Romson got extremely much criticism for this statement and apologized.

But when Romson explained her comparison between Auschwitz and the Mediterranean, she said that “Hitler’s crimes against Jews, gypsies and homosexuals account for themselves.” The word gypsy is not only archaic, but considered a derogatory and offensive term for Roma peoples.

4. Painted boat with toxic paint
In October 2014 it was revealed that the then newly-appointed environment minister Åsa Romson used a non-environmentally approved copper-based paint to paint the undercarriage of her boat. It also turned out that Romson used diesel to heat the boat. She later apologized for using the toxic paint.

5. Paris terrorist attacks
While leaders around the world expressed their shock and sadness over the terrorist attacks in Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, Romson shared her concerns of hampering the upcoming climate summit to be held in Paris.

These are just some of her blunders and we’re sure there are more to come.