Ahmed Mustafa Al Haj Ali, murderer.

Ahmed Mustafa Al Haj, was sentenced to compulsory care because of his young age.

In the sentence the court writes, among other things, that the “14-year-old does not understand the consequences of his actions and has demonstrated a socially destructive behavior, and therefore he is in need of care.”

Ahmed Mustafa Al Haj Ali, 14, murdered Arminas Pileckas by stabbing him in the back with a knife at school. Despite the fact that the investigation now shows that he is guilty, Ahmed wont be prosecuted.

The reason is that the school killer claims to have been 14 years at the time of the murder. The minimum age at which a person in Sweden can be charged for criminal offence, is 15.

It was on January 11 that Arminas Pileckas, coming from Lithuania, in cold blood was stabbed in the back at Göinge school and died of his injuries.


Armina Pileckas, 15, victim.

According to those involved, it was a revenge attack for Arminas had told off when the 14-year-old Syrian sexually harassed a Swedish girl at school.

Murderer’s father blame the school
– The school did nothing to help him and re-establish his honor. Instead, my son had to meet [Arminas] every day in school. It made him very upset, said the murderer’s father in connection with the murder.