Since October 2015, Swedish police has been keeping records of incidents at for example refugee accommodations. These events have been reported under a special code, R291, that hasn’t been made public.
It contains thousands of incidents – ranging from beatings and fights to attempted suicide, mental illness and bomb threats.

The situation at Sweden’s thousands of asylum accommodations has been largely unknown to the public. One reason is that the Department of National Operations, NOA, with the police previously assessed that all information related to the inflow of refugees, was to be kept secret.

“Each report where the victim, the suspect or questioning is a migrant, must be marked with the special code 291”. The same shall apply to crimes or events that are linked to sites or properties around refugees.

It was in October last year, when the inflow of refugees to Sweden was very high, that the police had many call-outs about violence, intimidation, arson and other crimes at different asylum accommodations. It was then NOA introduced the special code for all cases “involving the migrant situation”.

Behind R291, there are this far over 5000 incidents reported.

Some of them are:
450 brawls
559 assaults
9 robberies
194 unlawful threats
4 rapes
2 bomb threats
58 fires (plus 239 incidents of automatic fire alarms)
161 police deployments

Other incidents involve suicide attempts, deaths, missing persons and mental illness.

All of them occured during any hour, any day of the week and around the whole country.