A 22-year-old woman has died after being stabbed with a knife in a brawl at a HVB (residential care home) in Mölndal for unaccompanied refugee children. The woman, who worked there, was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries but her life could not be saved.
A 15-year-old boy has been arrested for the crime.

– It was messy, of course, a crime scene with a lot of blood. The perpetrator had been overpowered by other residents, people were depressed and upset, said police spokesperson Thomas Fuxborg about what met the police officers who arrived at the accommodation in the morning.

A technical investigation is ongoing in the house.

A knife believed to be the one that the suspect has used has been found, according to the police.

Youssaf Khalif Nuur, accused of killing 22-year-old aid worker Alexandra Mezher, sits in Court 1 at Gothenburg District Court (centre). He is flanked by his is lawyer and translator. Credits: Daily Mail


Thomas Fuxborg says this type of call-outs become more common, and welcomes the demands of new resources to the police.

– Of course, we have got more to do, particularly with this problem. One could say that since last fall, we have several times a week received an alarm about the different types of fights in various places, which we had not anticipated, so it has given us a lot of work, he says.

Besides the arrested person has five-six people been taken in for questioning by the police.

The residential care home in Mölndal, where the attack occurred, accomodates 10 unaccompanied children and youths aged 14-17 years, and receives placements of people from all over the country. Right now it is closed and the people living there have been given another temporary accommodation as well as help with crisis management. The rest of the staff has also been given help with crisis management.

 The house is a former hotel building, but is now run by HVB Living Nordic AB.


Everyone at the HVB get their own furnished room with a bed, desk, TV, WiFi and their own WC/shower. There are also public areas, a kitchen for every 5 residents, dining room, TV/common room and a large garden. Here, young people can stay until they are 18 years old or mature enough to move into their own accommodation. Staff are here to help and guide young people in their everyday life.

The HVB is centrally located in Mölndal and it’s walking and biking distance to downtown, schools, health centers and communication. In the neighborhood there is access to sports clubs, recreational activities and indoor swimming pools. The central location provides excellent opportunities for active recreation for residents.