German police have been criticized because it took almost a week before the New Year night’s sexual harassment of women in Cologne attention.

It’s now been revealed that police in Stockholm known about similar events at youth festival “We are Stockholm” without communicating it. In two years, male gangs have been molesting girls at Europe’s largest youth festival.

– This is a sore point, we sometimes do not dare to say it as it is because we think it plays Sweden Democrats into their hands. We must take this upon ourselves within the police, said the police chief Peter Ågren.

The abuse is thought to be organized, where several men go together and surrounded the girls to commit abuse.

– These cases are very special. There are groups of guys who intentionally target girls by surrounding and harassing them. Their approach was something that first completely shocked us. When we got the first indications of what had happened we did not think it could be right, says Roger Ticoalu, events manager at Stockholm City.

From internal memos from the Stockholm police it can be read;

“These are so-called refugee youths preferably from Afghanistan. Several of the gang was arrested for sexual molestation, “the police wrote.

Press Chief Varg Gyllander are critical of police handling it.

– We should certainly have written and told of this, no doubt. Why it did not happen I do not know, he says.

Roger Haddad, legal policy spokesman for the Liberals, believe that police conduct is unacceptable.

“The police must of course act upon facts in a professional manner without allow being controlled by how different political parties may react,” he writes in a press release on the grounds that the police had failed to report the abuse for fear that it’d benefit the Sweden Democrats. The entire process must be reviewed, says Haddad and urges National Police chief Dan Eliasson to act.