An early one morning in beginning of December, a 81-year-old man was robbed in his home in Søborg, in northern Copenhagen area.

Danish police have now released detailed descriptions of the two robbers. One of the robbers was caught on a surveillance camera, and this image has been published.

Police hope in this way to get tips that can lead to the robbers being identified and arrested.

Early in the morning,  05.15, Saturday 5th of December, it knocked on the door at the home of an 81-year-old man in Blomstermarken in the District of Søborg, northern Copenhagen area. When the 81-year-old opened the door, two unknown men entered into his residence. The men threatened him with kitchen knives.

The 81-year-old was forced to hand over 1000 kronor (€134) in cash, as well as his bank card and code for it. He then was forced to go with the two during knifepoint, to an ATM at Arbejdernes Landsbank in Søborg Hovedgade. There one of the robbers withdrew 6000 kronor (€804) from the 81-year old’s account. The robbers then drove the 81-year-old back to his residence where they released him and drove off.

The two robbers reportedly was traveling in a light gray passenger car of unknown brand and model.

The following distinguishing features are stated:

Perpetrator 1 is described as a dark-skinned man of African origin. He is believed to be about 25-40 years old. He is approximately 175-180 cm tall and of average or slightly heavy build. He has short dark hair. He was  during the robbery dressed in dark blue or black knit cap, dark blue jacket with cuffs at the wrists and black, loose-fitting pants (possibly sweatpants or similar). The jacket the man wore had white or light blue emblem on the left side of the chest. Furthermore, the man had a gold ring on his right hand middle finger, and a gold watch on the left wrist. He was armed with a kitchen knife with an approximately 20-25 cm long blade.

Perpetrator 2 is also dark skinned of African origin. He is believed to be about 20 – 30 years old. He is described as approximately 170-180 cm tall and muscular. He has dark, medium length hair. He was during the robbery completely dressed in black / dark blue. He was armed with a large kitchen knife or a similar sharp object.

Both perpetrators are said to have spoken Danish well, and Danish police think they have some local knowledge of the area where the crime was committed.

Anyone who has information to disclose about robbery in Danish Søborg, please contact the police in northwest Copenhagen area at tel.
+45-43 86 14 48. You can also call directly to Commissioner Michael Liebst at tel. +45-72 58 73 55.