295054048During the past weekend, police had been summoned to two asylum accommodations in Laholm. In Knäred police could not leave the place and in Mellbystrand a man armed himself with a knife and another man armed himself with a rock.

It was at eleven o’clock on Sunday morning as a police patrol were called to the hostel in Mellbystrand Solstickan because of the ongoing fighting. When the police patrol arrived at the location, the situation appeared to have have calmed down.
It appeared that one of the residents had armed himself with a knife and behaved threateningly. Then another man having armed himself with a large rock and chased around the man with the knife at Solstickan with the intention to get some peace and quiet at the asylum accommodation.

On Sunday afternoon, at half past four, a police patrol was in place at Björklidens asylum accommodation after there had been a tempered atmosphere at the place. The staff at the accommodation had calmed down the situation before the police arrived and the police made a short visit. But when the police got into the car again to leave Björkliden, they were however, surrounded by what is described to be about 40 people from the accommodation. Some of them will have hit at the police car and one was sitting up on the car’s hood and the police could therefor not drive off. It’s still unclear why they people surrounded the car. The staff at the accommodation came out and talked some sense to the residents and accordingly have dispelled them.

During the autumn, the police have received mutiple reports that asylum seekers have been in fights with each other at Björkliden.