Hassan Al-Mandlawi and Al Amin Sultan in Gothenburg, was sentenced to life in prison for terrorist crimes in Syria. The verdict will be appealed.

Chief prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström indicted the two men for terrorist alternatively law crimes and murder. She believes that the two men participated actively, though without holding the knife, when two men in Syria had their head cut off. Both killings were filmed and Hilding Qvarnström considers that the motive was to intimidate others.
The district court writes: “the perpetrators motive behind the executions was also to violate the entire group that they call ‘infidels’.”

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Hassan Al-Mandlawi (Photo: Swedish Police)
  • First name: Hassan Mostafa
  • Given name: Hassan
  • Last name: Al-Mandlawi
  • Street adress: Timjansgatan 34 apt 1002
  • Zip code: 424 42
  • City: Angered
  • County: Göteborg
  • Township: Angered
  • State: Västra Götaland
  • Date of birth: 1983-07-18
Al Amin Sultan (Photo: Swedish Police)
  • First name: Al Amin
  • Last name: Sultan
  • C/O-address: Alamin Sultan
  • Street address: Skonaren Ingos gata 9 apt 1203
  • Postnummer: 417 60
  • City: Göteborg
  • County: Göteborg
  • Township: Lundby
  • State: Västra Götaland
  • Date of birth: 1985-07-22