The girl has been wanted internationally. Both SÄPO and the Nationella Operativa Avdelningen (Department of National Operations), NOA, are involved.

This girl was reported missing earlier this week and wanted internationally. The family has been concerned for the girl. They say that she was radicalized in recent times, kept to herself in her room.

– She can’t understand herself, what danger she exposes herself to, she’s totally brainwashed by them, says one of the girl’s cousins.

Police were able to arrest the girl after the family managed to track her cell phone. They informed the Austrian authorities.

– I’ve barely slept in three days, says the girl’s mother.

Despite the fact that the girl has been arrested in Austria, it is not certain that she will be forced to fly back home to Sweden.

– This girl is reported missing, she was not suspected of any crime so there are no coercive measures that Swedish police can take against her. So spontaneously it feels more like a case for the social services. Swedish police have no way to force her back on a plane from Austria, says duty office Torbjärn Lindqvist.

NOA confirm they have been engaged in the case and that they are working hard on it.

Now the girl’s father hope she’ll be brought back to Sweden.

Photo: APA/Helmut Fohringer
Photo: APA/Helmut Fohringer