Skaraborg District Court sentence Nerijus Bilevicius to life for the murder of Lisa Holm.

The District Court believes that the 17-year-old Lisa Holm was murdered on June 7 in a barn, and then transported to the discovery site a few kilometers away.

DNA evidence and other circumstances such as lack of alibi and Bilevicius behavior at the discovery site on June 12, suggests that he is the perpetrator, writes the court in a press release.

After serving his sentence, Bilevicius will be deported indefinitely. He must also pay compensation to the 17-year-old girl’s family, around €16 000.
In Sweden, nowadays a life imprisonment means prison time around 25 years.

Technical evidence crucial
– We have looked at the technical evidence that fully supports that it is he who is the perpetrator. Then there are several surrounding circumstances, that he has no alibi, there’s been cars seen in the area that applies to the car he travels in and he does also fit well into criminal profile that the police have set up, said presiding judge Karin Lundberg to SVT.

According to prosecutor Lars-Göran Wennerholm, the evidence is strong.

– The technical evidence consists of various DNA found on Lisa Holm’s clothing and DNA doesn’t just move around without some kind of contact. That’s pretty solid evidence and there is no other explanation than that he has done this.

The clothes locker where Lisa Holm was found.

Sexual motive?
In the indictment, which was announced today, the prosecutor writes about how Bilevicius taped over Lisa Holm’s mouth and nose and then hanged herto death. Then he hid her in a narrow clothes locker on Martorp’s farm, claims the prosecutor.

Yet, says Tore Brandtler, that from the beginning it must have been a sexual motive for the attack, which then went awry and ended in murder.

The judge gives no answer to why
Lisa Holm’s family wanted to know during the trial, why Lisa Holm was the killer’s victim, but without result. The judge also does not answer, says the family’s counsel, lawyer Tore Brandtler.

– It’s just the offender who can answer it and it is one of the many questions still being unanswered. It is sad that he will not tell you why he did it and the circumstances around it. Lisa is and will remain dead, but it is important for the grieving process, says Tore Brandtler.

He thinks that the verdict was expected in view of evidence and at the same time, he sees it as likely that the 35-year-old will appeal.

“Have never met Lisa Holm”
The verdict comes almost exactly five months after Nerijus Bilevicius was arrested on suspicion of murder. Throughout the investigation, he protested his innocence and said he never even met Lisa Holm. That his DNA was found on Lisa Holm’s clothing, was according to the defense because he worked in the premises.

Bilevicius, a Lithuanian national, lived at the time of the murder at the Blomberg manor with his wife and brother. In the early stages of the investigation, also his wife and brother were suspected to be involved in the murder.

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