24 so called refugees, refuse to get off the Swedish Migration Board’s bus in Sundsvall, saying their accomodation is too isolated.

Refugees from Syria was sent to asylum accomodation in Viskan, about 50 km outside of Sundsvall, and Åstön, about 40 km outside the city. Since they refused to leave the bus, it remains in Sundsvall Central Station overnight.

– We have been there and informed them that it is very short on accommodation places and this is what we have to offer. These are individuals with different expectations and we have informed them that they are entitled to leave on their own, says Johanna Uhr, the press officer at the Swedish Migration Board.

How clear information do you get when you get on the bus?

– That’s probably the issue here. There are many buses that depart from Malmö right now and it may be that they have not been informed. It is something the Swedish Migration Board must work with, says Johanna Uhr.

Last month, several asylum seekers left the accommodation in Åstön by foot. In Trängslet and Lima refugees also refused to leave the buses after they saw the asylum accomodation.

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