Björklidens Gymnasium (secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities).

Parent Ann-Helen Hansson is furious and do not understand how a secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities can stop from one day to the other.

The students were thrown out from Björkliden from one day to the other, when särgymnasiet in Knäred became home to asylum seekers and refugees. The parents are upset by the news.

Ann-Helen Hansson received a call just after 6 o’clock on Wednesday evening that her son Gabriel did not have to come back to school the following day.

– We are already tearing down the place, so it will probably be very messy for him and he will not recognize himself, says Ann-Helen Hansson she heard from a shareholder in Björkliden.

The son is in the fourth and final year of the secondary school. He has autism, mental retardation, does not talk and therefore have specific needs of routines and security.

Björkliden did not mention the refugee accommodation, stating poor economy as the reason for the hasty decision. The staff had been told the same that afternoon.

– The school year started on August 27, four weeks ago. If they have such a bad economy, why did they start the autumn semester? It is very difficult for Gabriel to start at a new school. It becomes disaster immediately when he’ll meet new people, says Ann-Helen Hansson.

On Thursday, she brought home her son’s belongings from Knäred.

– They were placed on a table. The people had already taken his place.

Ann-Helen Hansson feels cheated on and deceived.

– The headmaster has not bothered at all about our children. It has only been about making money.

Three students went to Björkliden when the school was closed. Gabriel Hansson is the only one of them coming from Laholm and not staying at the boarding school.

– We are currently researching what actually happened. We have heard rumours that they’ve gone bankrupt, but we have not heard anything official, says Stina Johansson, Chairman of the Kommunal Laholm (the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union).