A mother (55) and her son (28) were brutally stabbed to death yesterday in an IKEA-store in Västerås, 62 miles west of Stockholm. The victims came from a village in northern Sweden, outside of Skellefteå. ikea2 Two asylum seekers from Eritrea are believed to be behind the murder. They knew one another and were living at the same accommodation complex for asylum seekers, according to the police.

One of them, born 1992, has been arrested and is being questioned. He denies all allegations. The other man, 36, is himself being treated for critical, possibly life threatening wounds, and can for that reason not be arrested at this time. It’s also unclear how he was wounded and by whom.

No connection between the victims and suspects have been found, and nor any political motive.

UPDATE 2015-08-13: The 36-year-old admits the killings – the 23-year-old is released.
Before the murders, the 36-year-old was to be deported with immediate effect, according to the Swedish Migration Board. There’s still no motive known behind the murders.