Profetens Ummah
Profetens Ummah

A man in his 20s was on Monday arrested for suspicioun of terrorist crimes by Oslo District Court.

– A man in his 20s was arrested today for four weeks and is charged under the Penal Code § 147 d, says the prosecutors, Anne Bakken Staff, PST to VG on Monday night.

This paragraph applies to participation, but can also apply to recruitment. It states that the forming, participating in, recruitment of members or providing financial or other material support to a terrorist organization, is punishable by up to six years in prison.

The 20-year-old is not an ethnic Norwegian and was detained on arrival at Oslo Airport (Gardemoen) by plane from Turkey on Friday. The man now sits his first two weeks in full isolation, and another two weeks with letters and visitation prohibited. He shall, during the four weeks have a total media ban, said PST.

– We are in a very early stage in the investigation, and will undertake intensive investigation further, says Staff.

– Can there be more arrests related to the case?

– There are no planned related arrests, but we can not exclude it.

Defender Dag Svensson can confirm that his client is in custody, but would not comment further on the case. VG knows that he’s connected to the Prophet’s Ummah.