The 35-year-old man suspected of the murder of Lisa Holm, 17, will not appeal the detention order to the Supreme Court. It’s been confirmed by his lawyer, Inger Rönnbäck to SVT Nyheter.

Last week, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Lars-Göran Wennerholm announced that the suspicions against the 35-year-old who is suspected of murdering Lisa Holm, 17, has been strengthened. The District Court went with the prosecutor’s line and extended the man’s arrest until July 28. Something that the 35-year-old and his lawyer, Inger Rönnbäck appealed.

But on Friday, July 3, the Court of Appeal established the detention order and now Inger Rönnbäck announces that her client has decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court.

– It is true that we will not appeal, she says to SVT Nyheter.

35-year-old was arrested June 16 on suspicion of murder. A warrant of arrest which was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. But when the arrest is now extended and established by the Court of Appeal, Inger Rönnbäck has chosen not to appeal yet again.

– We realize at this stage that an appeal would not lead to any changes. As regards the long detention, we have as clear objections about it and we can always ask for a review by the district court, even if it’s not something we plan now. We put our energy on other things instead, she says to Göteborgs Posten.

Lisa Holm, disappeared on June 7 after leaving his workplace in the village Blomberg. Five days later she was found dead and the same day two brothers and a woman were arrested, suspected of involvement in the murder. The woman and the younger of the two brothers have been released but is still suspected of involvement in the murder.

Aivaras Bilevicius with girlfriend. Photo: Facebook
Nerijus Bilevicius together with suspected accomplice and wife, Irina Bileviciene. Photo: Facebook
The victim Lisa Holm, murdered at age 17. Photo: Youtube

This has happened

  • June 7: 17-year-old Lisa Holm closes at the diner where she works at 18 o’clock and texting her father that she is going home. After a few hours, the police is contacted.
  • June 8: The police start looking in the neighbourhood. During the day the disappearance is classified as a particular event.
  • June 9: Now the police to turn to the public. During the evening they find parts of a cell phone case and a mobile phone.
  • June 10: The police expand the search area at the dirt road where the parts of the mobile phone was found. More findings related to 17-year-old are made.
  • June 11: Missing People make another discovery south of the diner and the parents confirm that it belongs to their daughter.
  • June 12: Three people are taken in for questioning from a villa about 300 meters from the diner. According to the information, they have worked in a barn where the lost glove found. Later in the evening a dead person is found: Lisa Holm.
  • June 13: The three individuals are apprehended during the night and parents identify the dead body as their daughter.
  • June 14: Additional details about the suspects: Two brothers and a woman, married to one of the men. All are reasonably suspected.
  • June 15: The police establish new barriers in the search for evidence.
  • June 16: The three suspected individuals are arrested. The two men on probable grounds suspected of murder and the woman on suspicion of protecting the criminal, a serious criminal offense.
  • June 18: The younger brother is files an appeal that he’s arrested on probable grounds, which is the higher degree of suspicion. The next day, the older brother’s lawyer filed an appeal.
  • June 23: The detention period for the woman expires and she’s let go when the prosecutor does not believe that he could consolidate evidence. She is still reasonably suspected. Both brothers remain in detention, following a decision by the Göta Court of Appeal. The older brother and his lawyer will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.
  • June 30: The younger of the two brothers who had been detained on suspicion of the murder of 17-year-old Lisa Holm is released from custody. However, the evidence has strengthened against the older brother, and the prosecutor would therefore have him detained further.
  • July 19: The police confirm that they have found Lisa Holm’s moped helmet.