Two jihadists with an immigrant background were arrested yesterday in Göteborg (Gothenburg) on suspicion of terrorist offenses by murder in Syria.

One of the two arrested are, as stated by the District Court, the 32-year-old jihadist Hassan Al-Mandlawi. Al-Mandlawi figure in the Islamist videos on Youtube under the alias “Mark Abu Osama al-Suwaidi,” meaning “the Swede Mark, the father of Osama.”

Al-Mandlawi was born in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and came to Sweden as a child in 1991. He was granted, according to the Swedish tax agency population register, Swedish citizenship the same year.

The other man arrested is a 30 year old immigrant from Barca in southern Ethiopia. Although, he moved to Sweden as a child in 1987 and also became a Swedish citizen as quickly.

Al-Mandlawi have previously been written about in Swedish media, for example the left-liberal Expressen wrote about him in an article in 2013. Then he was noticed for statements he made in an Islamist propaganda video.

– “My dream is that of every Muslim’s dream, an Islamist state exercising Sharia”, he said.

Today, the two men were arrested and detained for suspicion of terrorist offenses by murder in Syria, writes SÄPO (The Swedish Security Service) on its website. The arrest was carried out by Nationella Insatsstyrkan (the National Police Task Force) in cooperation with the County Police Authority of the Western Region. One more person is additionally charged in his absence on suspicion of terrorist offenses.

  • First name: Hassan Mostafa
  • Given name: Hassan
  • Last name: Al-Mandlawi
  • Street adress: Timjansgatan 34 apt 1002
  • Zip code: 424 42
  • City: Angered
  • County: Göteborg
  • Township: Angered
  • State: Västra Götaland
  • Date of birth: 1983-07-18