In Örebro, the municipal council have highlighted the problem of IS-sympathizers. According to councillor Rasmus Persson (C), to try to help the IS-warrior who may return to the city of Örebro, getting them a job and psychological help for their traumatic experiences, may be the way to go.

We have discussed how we should work for these guys who have come back to not go back, and that they should be helped to process the traumatic experiences they have been through, says Rasmus Persson (C).

The City Council has also reasoned regarding the possibility of offering men jobs, to reduce exclusion, which they see as being a part of the reasons they choose to take part in the fighting in Iraq and Syria.

However, this proposal is something that does not appeal to everyone.

People who have fled from Syria and Iraq and have lost their children, arrive in Örebro and are told that some of those who have been down and fought on the same side as the terrorists, would get psychological counseling and job… I think it‘s absurd, says an anonymous opponent.

Jonas Millard (SD), District Chairperson of Örebro County, means Rasmus Persson is thinking wrong.

Persson has the wrong starting point. Our starting point is if a person chooses to leave Sweden for fighting abroad for IS, that person can also stay there. But on the other hand, knowing that there are people in Sweden who have been fighting for IS, we must provide some form of help. It can be therapy or similar to help them enter society, says Millard.

 “Do not want to criticize”
Opposition Council in Örebro, Anders Ahrlin (M) says the following:
I do not want to criticize the proposal. We at the municipality must do something to meet up with young people adhering to these kinds of organizations. What I lack now is an overview of how the municipality’s operations are working with the problem. That information is something I will require from the municipal council, says Ahrlin.
Robin Nilsen, (FP) writes the following on Twitter:

Now, top politicians in Örebro reward returning IS-warriors with jobs. I do not think they should be allowed to return at all … .

And continues:

Örebro Municipality’s new policy: Commit a terrorist act, get a job?“.